Diabetes Consultation Services

Diabetes is a major concern in health care today. Coupled with prediabetes nearly 25% of our population are affected. Diabetes is a top cause of disability and death while costing one quarter of our Medicare budget alone. Sadly, there are too many who suffer and lack access to the resources they need.

Fortunately diabetes care methods are well established and can control the disease. Specialized health care providers can develop individualized treatment plans, monitor control, teach, counsel and provide ongoing support. The person with diabetes manages meal planning, exercise, medication taking and monitoring. Both are essential.

And good care works! Studies repeatedly show that state of the art diabetes care reduces complications and costs in all settings. It takes effort and skill but it is worth it. Investing in good care delivery works to reduce suffering and improves quality of life along with many other positive outcomes.

Our mission is to improve care delivery wherever people with diabetes are served. We offer state of the art knowledge, care methods, and help you demonstrate the value of your efforts. So let’s get started.